Shudu: The Worlds First Digital Model!

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  1. As a dark skinned model AND digital media arts student in college, I can appreciate Shudu as a work of digital art. With art and technology comes crazy innovation. I’m not surprised nor am I offended. I understand the artist choosing to be innovative in creating a 3D digital dark skinned model. However, if you truly believe in diversifying an industry, it makes sense to simply employ the ones who are underrepresented yet overly fetishised. From childhood to my 20s, the reactions I’ve gotten about my highly pigmented sunkissed dark skin have shifted drastically, including my own views on it. My hope for the future is that REAL HUMAN DARK SKINNED MODELS will get the opportunities we deserve without being objectified as a piece of chocolate. We’re dynamic, we’re fierce, we have minds and stories to tell that can inspire generations of people. You can’t interact with a 3D piece of art. Shudu is a beautiful object. She doesn’t compare to the experience you’d get actually interacting with a creative dark skinned woman who is working her way into an industry that’s still evolving to make room for women of color. We are the exact opposite of the European beauty standards that still dominate the industry. Hire US. Learn about US. Don’t just recreate us. God did His job just fine. But nice art, once again.

  2. Fatima Sy says:

    Thank you for your comment Ebony! I think your insight is relevant to the duality of the topic. On one hand, it is a beautiful piece of art and nobody can deny the mastery of Wilson’s craft. On the other hand, the delivery and the rationale just seem off. Whatever it is, the industry is changing – hopefully, it is more inclusive of real models. Thank you for reading!

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