We’ve reviewed Yara Shahidi’s New Show “Grown-ish” and WE ARE HERE FOR IT

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  1. blank Alex says:

    You got the upperclassman’s name wrong.

    1. blank Gabrielle Amani says:

      Oh no,
      where was it wrong?

  2. blank Ashley Michelle says:

    You made a mistake in this review Zoey’s crush on the show’s name is Aaron Jackson he’s portrayed by Trevor Jackson. You mentioned his character twice but called him by two different wrong names. You first called him Deon when Deon is the name of the actor who playing the professor. Y’all mention Trevor’s character again but call him Charlie when that’s the first name of Deon’s character.

    1. blank Gabrielle Amani says:

      Thank you for the correction! We’ll fix it right away

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