OVO Sound’s Misdirection: What Is The True Direction of Drake’s Label

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  1. blank Ini says:

    This is a reach honestly and can be said about a lot of artists’ labels. . When drake touched Summer Walker, Lil Baby and Gunna, Blocboy etc there was something already bubbling surrounding them in the underground and he simply brought it to the mainstream.

    Party describes Rihanna’s house when writhing in the same way supper competitive and work like. That’s how most collaborative sessions with big pop stars are.

    Secondly i find it myopic to say “ since they haven’t got any billboard hits they aren’t successful” Majid Jordan and Dvsn have a very niche sounds that isn’t really mainstream oriented and Roy Woods is honestly not even that talented but all of these artists have strong core fan bases and still make six figures

    Nobody on dreamville cracks the billboard, young money’s roster was like 20 ppl deep and Drake and Nicki and Tyga are the only ones that really capatilized. The same can be said about beyoncé, cactus jack and a slew of artists.

    In short hopping on something that is moving and making it move faster isn’t the same as breaking and. developing an artist.

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