MEFeater’s Best and Worst Dressed: Met Gala 2017

MEFeater Met Gala Best and Worst Dressed
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  1. Selena says:

    I’m going to agree to disagree on several of these. Fashion is subjective but these are my thoughts; Nick’s look did ZERO for me. I don’t want the harajuku look back but she’s gotten so basic on the red carpet and I am over it. Priyanka killed it, I loved the basic drama of it all (lol). Zoe Kravitz and Rita Ora looked GREAT, especially Rita which shocked me because I am not usually here for her. I didn’t hate Selena Gomez’s look it just did feel appropriate for the occasion, same with Mindy Kaling, she played it way too safe. Salma and Paris look basic af and Serena needs a whole new styling team

    1. Gabrielle Amani says:

      I didn’t love Nick’s look either, but I got voted out lol
      I agree Zoe looked gorgeous and so did Rita!
      Selena’s outfit super granny. I was very disappointed in her. Especially knowing what the theme was!

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