#MeToo: Will the Movement Ever Be Taken Seriously in Hip-hop?

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  1. blank trinity renee says:

    i think that the hip hop industry will eventually take the movement seriously, it will just take a long time. we already know that the genre is saturated with toxic men (and women) who aren’t shy about they’re disregard for women and it would take consumers actually boycotting an abuser’s and other artists calling them out to make some change. i think this generation, being open to have these conversations, is more likely to not let these types of things slide. We lack consistency and numbers, but surely the numbers will grow. i also think that cancel culture places a huge role in this. though not entirely effective, the whole concept of *actively* holding artists accountable is a step in the right direction. no good thing comes easy or quickly and we are still taking baby steps but i have hope.

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