Keke Palmer Debuts New Music Video: “Hands Free”

Keke Palmer channels her inner Egyptian goddess, mixed with a little Chilli from TLC in her music video “Hands Free”.

Palmer explains in her visual EP “Lauren”

“Believe in Yourself…Life is a Fairytale…This is my World…My Truth…My Journey.”

In an interview with Billboard Palmer explained why she named her EP “Lauren”.

“Because I feel like it helps keep in mind what this whole EP is about, which is giving an entrance into who I am truly, like where I come from, how my career as Keke Palmer began. Keke, of course, is a family nickname. Everything attached to it — being my entertainment name, I feel like are often so separate from the totality of who I am because so much of my early career was based off of acting and my characters. Of course, I’m not my characters and so for my EP, I felt like because this is them getting to see it through the true me, where I’m coming from and how I’m feeling, I feel like it was perfect to title it my birth name Lauren,” she told Billboard.

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