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In Honor of Rihanna’s 26th Birthday MEFeater has put together a list of our favorite things about the Bajan Princess. 

1. Her Music 

Rihanna’s music is definitely #1 on our list. Her sound is uniquely her own and she effortlessly mixes pop, r&b, and reggae. Not to mention she has 7 Grammys, 22 Billboard Awards, 7 American Music Awards and much more!

2. Her Street Style


It doesn’t matter where she is, how cold it is outside Rihanna will always werk!

3. Her Confidence


Every woman and man loves a confident woman! Rihanna is definitely the definition of confident. Peep the photo, no pantys!

4. Her Instagram 



Rihanna never fails to serve a fierce photo, especially on the gram! She posts everything from photo shoots to selfies. Unlike other celebs, we know she’s the one in charge of her instagram.

 5. Her Shade 


 For those who are educated in the art of reading, read between the lines Beehives. 

 6. Her Hair


Along with her style, RiRi’s hair do’s are always changing. One thing we love about her is her ability to keep things fresh! Plus she can pull of any hair style.

7. Her Booty

rihanna bootys


8. Her Twerking

If you’re from the Carribbean, you would refer to this type of dancing as whining  and if your from the U.S. you would call this twerking. Whatever you call this dance craze, one thing is sure RIHANNA KILLS IT! 

9. Her “IDGAF” Attitude 

tumblr_lwoh14EnXr1qfe7jao1_500 Say what you want about Rihanna, but doesn’t matter because she don’t give a F***!

10. Her Clothing Line


Rihanna started her collaboration with London based Fashion brand in late 2012. Now you can find her designs in 100 countries  in one of River Island’s 300 stores. 

11. Her Love for her Culture


Our Bajan Princess never misses Carnival in her hometown  of St. Micheal’s, Barbados. In true West Indian nature, RiRi shows lots of skin and parties hard!

12. Her Sex Appeal 


13. Her Raunchiness  

 Rihanna took twerk to a whole new level in this video! Yes, it was raunchy, but we loved it!

14. Her Red Carpet Style 

rihanan grammy

 Rihanna’s red carpet style is great, similar to her street style she takes risks and shocks us with the little things! Remember this red look from The Grammys in 2013??

 15. Her Magazine Covers

rihanna-vogue-cover-2014Check Out Rihanna’s 3rd Vogue Cover!

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