Chanel Autumn/Winter 2014 Runway Show

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  1. Sarah R. says:

    The Clothes are lovely! Chanel is my favorite fashion house.

  2. Macy says:

    Cara is so beautiful

  3. tyra love says:


  4. tyra love says:

    Cara cute too

  5. miguel williams says:

    Once a shoplifter always a shoplifter it doesn’t matter who you are people rather not pay or in that case presume is free

  6. leeyahhhh says:

    LOVEEE The Clothes!!

  7. Laura says:

    Cara is so cute and she’s gay! Love it

    1. charlie love says:

      lol come on we all knew she was a lesbo

  8. kimbey says:

    cant wait for nyc spring fashion week

  9. lala says:

    i love your fashion stories!

    1. annabell says:

      I agree, there great!

  10. kayla says:


  11. susan says:

    are u guys gonna post about this fashion week?

  12. hannah says:

    favorite show hands done!

  13. Leslie :) says:

    Still one of my favorites shows to date

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